5 Ways to Get a Grip When Stress Takes Over

If anyone knows stress, it’s me. Right now I am taking two summer classes this Summer I  (Biology and Economics…two subjects that I have been putting off since my freshman year of college…my advisor said it was high time to take them already, whoops!) on top of trying to get some hours in at work, ON TOP of trying to maintain some kind of exercising into my weekdays, plus Lola. Jeez, I’ve found myself hardly able to make time to eat. Not even kidding! It’s okay though. One day at a time, am I right? Right now I probably shouldn’t be writing this blog, I should be studying for my first biology exam on Friday, but this is my stress outlet, plus it’s a lot more fun than biology (Haha!)

So as I sit here with my 33 page exam review tossed to the side, I want to touch on some of my favorite things I do when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Whether you work, go to school, are an intern, or just need a break (because let’s be honest, we all need a break from life in general sometimes) you should consider doing something on this list. They sure help me. Take 15-20 minutes out of your day to devote to “you time,” and I promise, the stress won’t be as bad as it seemed before :)


1. Go for a jog/exercise.

Have you ever gone on a run when you just need to get your mind off of something? If you haven’t, you sure have got to try this. Even if you’re not an avant runner–this is AMAZING. Preferably, go sometime during the day when it’s not excruciatingly hot outside (like early morning/late evening.) Tune into your Spotify, plug in some headphones, and run, run, run! This is my personal favorite. I like to go out for runs by a park near my house back home–just the setting and the environment gives me good vibes when I’m running. Plus, once I’m done running, I’m way too tired to be worrying about what was stressing me out before.


^^^I  saw this the other day when I was running. Seeing beautiful skies like this out on runs definitely makes your problems and stress seem so small.

This also ties in nicely with working out. Hit the rec/gym, ladies and gents! Exercising gets the endorphines moving and active (ha, see how I included some biology there!) thus, you feel good and satisfied with yourself. If you’re on a time crunch, even just 15 minutes can make you feel good and can surely get your mind off of things.

2. Watch Netflix

I don’t mean binge watch, but more like watch an episode here and there. What I do to motivate myself to get through homework is once I get to a certain point, I reward myself by watching an episode of my favorite show–and so forth. This is great because it’s like a “brain break” for yourself. You know, kind of like pressing the pause button and indulging yourself into something more interesting…like McDreamy on Grey’s <3 If you need new shows to watch on Netflix, One Tree Hill, Parenthood, Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec, Army Wives, and How I Met Your Mother are among my favorites and I highly recommend!

3. Social Media

Alright, so we are in the generation of technology and this super wave of social media, which I’m not complaining about because this is where I do a lot of my “quick” stress forgetting. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat are among my top. Usually, I’ll just scroll by and briefly catch up on other’s lives, BUT, my all time favorite are the funny videos and recipes on Facebook. I’m that person on the bus who laughs randomly/by herself and its probably because of something I’ve seen on my Facebook feed. Anyways, I know we are all guilty of the social media craze, but it isn’t too bad sometimes. Pinterst is also really great and I recommend you getting an account if you don’t have one already! You can find tons of cool DIY ideas, quotes, recipes, workouts…the list goes on.

4. Adult Coloring Books

I was very iffy about this at first, because I tend to very impatient and can’t really sit still for too long, but once I got my hands on one of these adult coloring books, my opinion was proved wrong. THIS IS SO RELAXING. Especially if you put you’re favorite jams on (even just working in silence is relaxing as well.) It’s cool because you’re just coloring, but really, you’re brain is still being put to great use. These go for about $12-20 at bookstores, but I found one at Target for $4! Just as great! I have also hear there are apps??? You guys should try this out though, it’s awesome.

5. Listen to Your Favorite Band

Out of all 5, this one is probably my favorite because you can do it anywhere and at anytime. If I’m at home, I’ll usually just plop myself on my bed, and jam out to Local Natives for a good while. It doesn’t matter what you listen to, as long as you love it. Music has a way of sometimes making bad feelings go away–the beauty of music, am I right? If you’re stressed, press that pause button on life, and listen to some music that makes you happy.

As for me, I have found that blogging is one of my new favorite stress relievers. I’ve mentioned this before, but something about writing just allows me to escape reality for a little while–plus, I think it’s fun and I like to think if I can write this much for fun, I can do it for my classes (ha!)

I hope you find at least some of these things helpful, and if you already do some of these things, kuddos to you for treating yo’self!

For me, it’s time I get back to the fun of Biology and prepare to BTHO this exam Friday.


Thanks for reading…until next time!!!!


Meg <3


Life: One Piece At a Time

So, there is some reasoning behind my blog name, and I think there is no better way to give it some justice than through my first post!

Life is something extremely peculiar. You’re told to live everyday like it’s your last, love each other like there’s no tomorrow, and to worry about about the now. How true these words have proven to be. I’ve learned that life is entirely too precious to hang over the mishaps of yesterday, earlier that week, or even earlier that month. If you don’t watch out, life is surely going to pass you by. That’s just it though, as humans, we feel like failures when we don’t accomplish our goals or when things don’t go the way we’d like. But, you know what, it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to struggle. Little stumbles on the road don’t necessarily break you; they’re what MAKE you.

So by little puzzle pieces, I mean that every accomplishment, every struggle, every experience you have had in life so far is leading up to something so beautiful and wonderful. Something beyond our wildest imagination and dreams. I was sitting down in front of my laptop yesterday, thinking about everything that has happened to me from senior year of high school, to now, my junior year in college. I’ve lost loved ones; I experienced my first heartbreak with a high school boyfriend, but I also met the man of my dreams a few years later in college; I’ve lost best friends who I thought were going to be my life long friends, but I’ve also made friends in the last two years who have proven to be by far the best friends I could ever ask for; I’ve lived pay check to pay check, but I also got my first serious research-based job; I’ve felt lost, but I have also felt extremely proud of who I am slowly becoming. And then I realized, every little experience in my life has played a role in creating who I am today; they were all little puzzle pieces!

On that note, I hope you all know every experience you have had is slowly piecing you into who you were meant to be. It’s all mental. You can either let it make you or break you. But God created us to be strong; He would not give us something we cannot handle. So, just remember that.

Earlier last week, I came across a Thought Catalog article that gave it’s readers 20 pieces of advice for 2016. Number fifteen was my favorite:

“If things are bad right now, it’s probably because you took a chance on something, and that makes you a cool, fearless badass, even if it didn’t work out this time.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of the last 3-4 years, it’s that taking chances is important! Be the kind of person who isn’t afraid to take risks! It’s infinitely more important than living a life full of “what ifs.” If you fail, that’s okay. Get up and try again! Trust me in that you will become a stronger person. Do what you love. Go for runs, read for fun, or just lay in bed watching Netflix! You do you, boo! There are 7.125 BILLION people on this planet; all of us are living our own lives, facing our own struggles, but also experiencing the beauty of life!

With that being said, I would love to base my blog on the count that every day is a puzzle piece to something beautiful. Be patient, be kind, and love life. We only get one so make it YOUR life. Live without regret, don’t go to sleep mad at anyone, and most importantly, don’t ever give up!